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Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue is our new game for iOS and Android

Hi there! I’m Bruno, Community Manager at CremaGames, and I’m here to show you for the first time our new game: Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue. It’s a free-to-play match-three puzle game for iOS and Android and it’s full of cute animals, as you can imagine.


Just after we finished developing Oh My Goat, one of our most popular mobile games, we started working on a new project. I can’t tell you much about this new game yet – only that it’s a PC game and something a lot bigger than anything we have done before –, but since you liked Oh My Goat so much, it occured to us that we could make one more little game around that game universe.

After all, the Hunter transformed wild animals into squares, so it was easy to translate that idea into a casual match-three game. And in a few days, we started working Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue.

Jumping into Unity

Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue is our first game developed in Unity. That’s a big change for the studio because we’ve been working on LibGDX since our first game. We wanted to improve our knowledge on Unity for the other new, bigger game, so working on Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue is also a fantastic and fun learning experience for the studio.

In our effort to understand Unity better, we thought it was crucial to create a level editor we could use. Designing the levels for Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue has been a thrill thanks to this. We have saved a lot of hours and we have designed hundreds of levels very easily. Have a look at it.

editor de niveles

That said, we want you to know that the gameplay is done. We are just testing bugs, tweaking some animations and putting the finishing touches here and there. We still have to implement a new game mode, the losing conditions and some minor stuff, but again: the majority of the game is done. There is not a launch date yet, so “when it’s done”.

Cute pets

You can imagine how much time we have put into the looks of a game like Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue. You need to see and distinguish every square in the tabletop in just a flash, so colors, forms and animations are carefully chosen. Alse, we needed animals to be as cute as possible.


Each one of them is a piece of the puzzle you have to solve. You have to combine colors, make points and… you already know that, am I right? Oh, and don’t worry: the cute animals don’t just disappear, they are liberated, so the biggest the combo, the most animals you free.

Of course, there are more than ‘normal’ animales in the tabletop. Here you have some power-up that free a whole column of animals when you combine them with there type.

A bomb! Yes, you also have bombs that ‘free’ a lot of spaces in the tabletop. No, the animals don’t get hurt, they are smart enough to abandon the tabletop before the explosion. We are not psychopaths!


Theres a lot more stuff in the game, but we are not going to spoil it. The last thing we are showing you is a final boss. Let’s ‘bee’ honest, this queen is cute, but her honeycomb is in the middle of the tabletop and that is kind of rude.

Finally, let’s have a look at the map. As we told you before, there are a lot of levels in Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue. They are divided across different levels and there are also secrets to unveil. The first world is just a bucolic zoo, but there is also a grey city, a hot desert…


Free to Play

Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue is a free-to-play game. You can download it without paying a penny, but there are some power-up and special items that you buy with coins. I can confirm you there is no ‘payment block’ along the adventure and that you can finish the game from begining to end without paying money. So no, this is not that kind of F2P game.


Some screenshots

And that’s all, folks. We believe Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue will speak by itself once it’s launched in iOS and Android this year. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you in advance when it’s launching so you don’t miss it. We are eager yo hear your opinions about it and we really hope you like it.

About CremaGames

CremaGames is a young indie video game developer in Madrid, Spain.

Since 2010, we have developed apps like Instant Buttons and games like Oh My Goat, Ridiculous Marathon and Ridiculous Triathlon. Right now, we are working on our first PC game, but that’s a secret to everybody.

We love creating games and we intend to keep doing it forever.

Bruno Toledano

Community Managar at CremaGames and future ruler of the Underworld.