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Immortal Redneck is our first PC game ever – Devlog 1

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Hi there! I’m Guillermo, cofounder of Cremagames, and I want to present you our new game.

Immortal Redneck is a FPS set in Egypt with roguelite elements: random generated dungeons, permadeath, different classes with their own abilities, a skill tree and lots and lots of weapons and abilities. The setup is very simple: the redneck won a trip to Egypt, but after some unfortunated event, he ended up mummified and shooting mythological monsters while trying to understand what has happened to him.

The game will launch in PC and mixes old school FPS gameplay, like quick controls and projectiles shooting monsters, with roguelite aspects. You can also buy upgrades and skills with gold. Money can only be spent outside the pyramids, after you die, and it can’t be saved before a new run, so there is some progress before and after each try. And some planning, too, since the merchant that sells stuff and the literal skill tree outside the pyramids both use gold.


Our main references are Ziggurat and Rogue Legacy, but there are bits of other roguelites here and there as well as some old school shooters. There is also some Serious Sam in Inmortal Redneck because, you know, Egypt. Each class has their own skills, stats and weapons, and there is also a literal skill tree outside the pyramids, so you could say there is some RPG elements too. We have nine different classes in mind right now.

Unity 3D

Immortal Redneck is being developed in Unity. We have some experience with it and we feel comfortable enough with the engine. We have a very cool sand simulation and we are trying new stuff every day that can help us with the light simulation. I’ll try to show you some as we progress because we are building some tools by ourselves and I think we need the feedback.

Artworks and concepts

Here you have some stages concepts. We want every room in Immortal Redneck to be kind of a challenge. There is a lot of jumping, differente heights in each room and all of them will be procedurally generated.

This is a mockup about how we want Immortal Redneck to look. We are a far from here right now, and obviously the 3D graphics will change a little bit how it looks. Anyway, this is how we imagine a random room: packed with enemies, different heights and a weird gun in you hands.

This is a concept of one of the enemies, the archer. This strange mix of Anubis head and hunk attack from a distance and will flee if you try to reach them.

Here you have two screenshots from a pre-alpha build. We are working really hard in the game atmosphere. We want the room around you to be very present in your head while you move and shoot, so we want a very specific light. So here is more or less how we want the game to look once we have all the final assets and stuff in it. It would be really great if you give us your opinion about it.


We want players to have fun and to make split second decisions while running, shooting, jumping and dodging enemies, but they also have to plan a little before each new run. That’s the idea: to improve their character and to fight the unknown inside the pyramids. Since every room is randomly generated, there is no way to anticipate everything.

It’s our first game one outside a mobile environment, so even though we have lot of challenges in front of us, we are aiming for something great and, above all, fun. Immortal Redneck will ship with a Story Mode, a Daily Challange and a Speedrun Mode. There is no multiplayer planned, but never say never.

Our plan is to have a demo ready around March 2016 and to launch it in September for PC. Hopefully, we can also publish it in PS4 and/or Xbox One, but that is still a long way from here…

Hope you like it. I’m eager to read what you think about it. 🙂

Bruno Toledano

Community Managar at CremaGames and future ruler of the Underworld.

  • mshatski

    Loved it 🙂 Looks really fun and so far, a pretty unique experience. Will it have big bosses? 🙂

    • bruno

      Ouh, yeah! Our bosses are mastodontic! Since you mention them, I think our next devblog will be about them 😀

  • This looks awesome!

    • Randy Meeks

      Thank you! We’re really trying to do our best 😀