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Three years of CremaGames

Today is a very special day: CremaGames is three years old as a indie game developer. We can’t believe it’s been so long since we started making games and apps, but it seems that time flies when you do what you love. But our story developing games started a some time before we established as a studio, though.

paper football
This is how Paper Football looked like in DS. HD graphics? What’s that?

Guillermo and Enrique, the founders of CremaGames, started making games back in 2006, when they developed a little game for Nintendo DS. It was a downloadable homebrew game called Paper Football and it was the first one the made together. If you ask them about it today they will probably tell you that it sucked, but hey, you have to start somewhere!

Instant Buttons
Instant Buttons’ first interface. Android’s first one, too

The first step towards the creation of CremaGames was the development of Instant Buttons. This app for Android launched in 2010 and it was a huge success, even if it started as a little app with only 45 sound effects and a very basic interface. In just a few months, the app downloads rocketed to the sky and was one of the most downloaded one for Android.

Our first office. A big place, uh?

Instant Buttons’ success allowed Guillermo and Enrique to start CremaGames the 4th of October in 2012, just three years ago. Once established in a tiny office, they hired one more worker so they could start developing our next success, Oh My Goat, a platformer about a squared goat that tries to rescue his friends.

Oh My Goat launched for iOS and Android in 2014 and it was an instant hit. After Oh My Goat, we hired even more developers, we rented a bigger office and we made two more titles in less than a year: Ridiculous Triathlon and Ridiculous Marathon, two endless runners for iOS and Android.

Our endless runners have the most peculiar characters

Before we shipped those two games, we began working on new one, Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue, a match-three puzzle game set on the Oh My Goat universe, but we halted the development until we had the other two done. We recently restarted it so we could finish it at the same time we developed our biggest project yet: Immortal Redneck.

Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue is cute as hell

Immortal Redneck is our first PC game and it’s a FPS roguelite set in Egypt. It’s been developed in Unity, has a great main character and is going to be a really, really fun experiencie. We are aiming for something great, so we are spending a lot more resources in this game than have ever done before. Right now, there are nine people working on it and we even hired a community manager to help us with its promotion.

A concept art of one of the Immortal Redneck bosses

In these three years, Instant Buttons has been downloaded more than 15 million times; our three mobile games have been highlighted in the AppStore; Oh My Goat has been chosen as the most addictive game of the Indie Burguer; and Ridiculous Triathlon has been chosen the best indie game of the Madrid Games Week 2014.

We are working really hard to create our best game yet with Immortal Redneck. We just started showing you our first steps with Immortal Redneck in our new devlog, so keep tuned if you want to know where we are going as a studio in the next year. One thing is clear: CremaGames is a young studio, but we want to develop new games forever and ever. This is what we love and we are going to fight for our place in the videogame industry, no matter how hard it is.

Bruno Toledano

Community Managar at CremaGames and future ruler of the Underworld.