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Instant Buttons 2.0 – Now you can upload your own sounds!

The wait is over: we are launching Instant Buttons again

We know a lot of you have missed Instant Buttons on Android, so we have great news. It’s been a long wait, but this 25th of February, you’ll be able to download it on your Android device again. Of course, we are not just re-uploading the app: we’ve updated it with a great new feature that you’re gonna love: the option to record your own sounds and to upload those or whatever you want. Yes, you can have that private joke in a button for you and your friends!

Instant Buttons interface has been upgraded so the app doesn’t look bad on the newest phones with Material Design, but his main idea is intact: you have a lot of buttons with funny sounds that you can hear all you want to. You can put a widget with your favorites one in your phone’s main screen, too. And it’s free, of course!

The great new feature is that you upload your own sounds and record whatever you want. You can record your friend silly jokes and share them with your group of friends really easily. We are not responsible if your friends get in trouble for listening to it, though!

Doing this is easy: you have to register an account – we won’t use your email for anything, don’t worry –, choose a username, a password and start recording or uploading stuff. We have a built in sound editor that’s fast and simple to use, with fade effects and a great visual representation of your sounds. The max time for any recording or sound is 12 seconds, though.

The initial pool of sounds we’ve got online this time is a little smaller than in other versions, but that’s because we want you to fill it with great new stuff and like the best sounds so they appear in the Featured section. This way, everyone can see what’s great and what new memes are trending.

And that’s it. Instant Buttons will be available on Google’s Play Store on the 25th of February. We hope you don’t mind waiting two more days for it!

Bruno Toledano

Community Managar at CremaGames and future ruler of the Underworld.

  • Riccardo Official Channel

    why does it crash while I try to upload sounds by the file manager?