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Instant Buttons 2.0 is out!

Download Instant Buttons from the Google Play Store

Hey there! As you know, we’ve been working on a new, greater version of Instant Buttons, our most popular app for smartphones. And even if your response has already been amazing and there’s thousands of new sounds online, we wanted to remind you the great news: Instant Buttons 2.0 is already available on the Google Play Store! Go download it!

And what’s new about this app? Well, a lot of stuff.

The idea is the same: a board of buttons with funny noises, sound effects and portions of songs. It’s the perfect companion if you want to add some wacky sounds to your life. There’s one important difference this time, though: sounds has to be downloaded.

We understand this might annoy some of you, but when we first launched Instant Buttons, data plans weren’t as common as they are today. This little concession allow us to reduce the app initial weight in your phone and will save you space too: you only download those sound you like. If you press that heart below the button, you’ll download the sound and you won’t need Internet connection to listen to it!


Now, the changed! The interface has some little changes. We’ve updated the looks so it matches Google’s Material Design for Android, and it really suits the app. You have categories on a bar, the search button and a sliding options menu above.

In this sliding menu, you’ve got two new things that are really important: the login and the upload options. With Instant Buttons 2.0, we want you to be responsible of the app, so it’s up to you what sounds are online and which one are the greatest ones. To upload a sound effect, you have to be registered. Don’t worry, we won’t use your mail or you username for anything, just so we can identify who’s uploaded what to the app.


Everything you upload can be edited with a built-in editor we’ve embedded to the app. Take notice the limit for each one is 12 seconds. We think it’s more than enough time to make something funny, so we hope you think that too. And hey, you can use this


You can share the buttons, too. Just press on the button for a few seconds or on that vertical three points to do it. And as always, you can create a favorite list of sounds that are always available and ready for you to press. Just press the heart that’s below the button and it will appear in your favorite list.

Of course, ff you really, really love some sound, you can create a widget to use them really fast!

We hope you enjoy this new version of Instant Buttons. We’ve worked a lot to improve it, so tell us on Twitter of Facebook if you liked it.

Oh, and if you’re a iOS user, we need you to be patient. We’re working on a new version for your devices, too.

Bruno Toledano

Community Managar at CremaGames and future ruler of the Underworld.

  • Tobi

    So when do you release the iPhone version ?

    • We are working on it right now, and we expect to release it soon – although we can’t give you an exact date yet! We’ll keep you updated.

  • Trina Salem Conway

    There is a button for a remix called: iPhone Remix.. Here is the youtube link:

    Go to 4:17 is where it starts.. What is that song!??!? >.<!

    • Randy Meeks

      One user uploaded that sound – We don’t know what it is, sorry 🙂

  • Joakim Ahlstrand

    No. 12 seconds isn’t enough. Because I want to upload whole songs that I written. It was perfect like it was before. When a whole song could be downloaded. So make it right. Make it like before. Please/Joakim