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LUT color correction – Devlog #24

What a difference a color makes? Today we’re going to talk to you about the LUT Color Correction in ‘Immortal Redneck. No! Don’t run! It’s not as complicated as it seems. We promise, we’ll keep it easy. “LUT” stands for “Look Up Table”, the color corrections that you need to do in order to convert your original source to the result you want. Think on a caterpillar that grows in a chrysalis to become a butterfly: The caterpillar is the original version, the butterfly is the version you want to… and LUT is the chrysalis, where the magic happens.

Think that the colors in a game are dramatically important, and the correct choice of them will help to make your game a success or a failure. No pressure. First, we need to take a screenshot of our game (in this case, ‘Immortal Redneck’, of course), and then upload it to an image editing program (probably Photoshop, although you may choose your favourite one). So far, so easy, right? Well, now the tricky part begins. Stay with us!

Now you have to edit your picture and set the colors you want, adjust the saturation, amplify colors and, when you’re happy, export the image again to Unity. Magically, all the colors will be applied because the Asset “read” the changes in the palette of colors and applies them to the video game scene. Of course, sometimes the result may be the one you like, and sometimes it can be too much. But in order to succeed and make the best game possible, you have to try!

Maybe you have some doubts about the process, but don’t worry! We made a video just for you showing a tutorial in an image that we wanted to adjust. Enjoy! If you have any doubts, you can ask in the comments section, in our Facebook or our Twitter, with daily news, bugs and fun stuff!

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