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‘Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue’: How we did our latest game!

Wait! Stop everything you’re doing! Well, finish it if it’s very important, but then come back here, because we have something new for you: A new game!! Whilst our efforts are aimed to do the great ‘Immortal Redneck’, we have developed a new game for Android and iOS absolutely for free: ‘Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue’, a puzzle match-3 game! We just want you to be entertained. And yes, of course, you can start cheering us up!


The developing of ‘Oh My Goat Zoo Rescue’ started in 2013, when we released ‘Oh My Goat’ on iOS and Play Store. We wanted to use our trademark to explore new games with new instalments of the saga. Initially we wanted to call it ‘Oh My Goat Candy Zoo Keeper’, but we finally removed the ‘Candy’ part because we didn’t want our name to look like the best known Match-3 game. Originally we used LibGDX, the engine that we used to develop ‘Oh My Goat’. And we even made the first sketch of the game using it.

We loved LibGDX, but we needed to know everything about Unity if we wanted to complete the development of ‘Immortal Redneck’. We threw the entire prototype in LibGDX and created a new one in Unity. First we prepared a level editor to create the game in an easier way. It’s similar to what we did in ‘Oh My Goat’. Thanks to Unity and our level editor we started to create different stages that looked like this.

Then, our artist came in and started doing mockups of the animals: We knew that each animal should have a different color, shape and be distinguishable from each other. We wanted to design different animals, and we finally decided to go with a monkey, a panda, a frog, an octopus, a lion, a pig, a crab and a bird. After some mockups, we finally went with these eight designs.

After trying the background and a test user interface, we started to think in how to implement twists and powerups in the game: We started with the first special ones, which break all the row or column and appear when four or more animals are together, along with the bombs, shields and wooden boxes. Also, we made a multicolored jar that serve as a joker. We made a lot of concepts.

But the game needed something else: Special levels. The first one developed was the boss one, in which some bees will attack us. We have to finish them by making matches in the nearby squares. Then we created the map, with all the levels. These are just some of the mockups we did thinking on the level props to show the level we’re playing.

Other kind of special level we wanted to implement was one based on rescuing eggs: Some special squares appear in the upper part of the game and you have to take them down. We experimented with different objects (such as carrots, peppers, umbrellas, bananas or logs) but we finally choose the eggs because it makes sense: Free animals, free eggs.

The last special mode was one in which you have to collect the different animals. In the first drafts we thought on putting eye patches or masks, but we ultimately went with the glasses. So, you have to collect a number of animals with glasses to go through the level. The animals look like this.

We experimented some problems with the game and had some doubts. The main one was about the cutscenes: We implemented a couple of cutscenes where we could see the story of the game, with pretty good animation, but we thought that they didn’t really fit in the game, because the Match-3 players don’t really care about the story. We deleted the cutscenes, but some animation survived. Check it out.

If the game was going to be free to play… How was it going to make money? Of course, with a payment system, absolutely optional, just in case you need some help. In this case, the players would win some feathers in the game, that could be exchanged for powerups (like a hammer) to advance to further levels. Of course, the player can buy feathers at a price.

The game was almost over, but we had a couple of things to worry about. For example, the icon that you see in Google Play and iTunes: We wanted to see the goat but also make clear that this is a Match-3 game. Our artists came with 10 options

We chose 4, 9 and 10 and did different versions of them. We tested it and tested it, and finally published it. Download it for free and try it now that you know how did we do it!